Drills, Trimmers and Presses

Drills ,Trimmers ,Tools and more to help prepare, turn and assemble your fine writing instruments

Here at the Turners Cabin we’re a big believer in doing it the right way and the easy way, so why struggle with any part of the pen making process? Here we have a self-centring pen blank drilling vice for the initial drilling of the blanks, perfect to use with one of the many colt drills on offer. We also stock a range of pen tube insertion tools “to keep the glue away from your fingers” As well as barrel trimming tools that come in a range of sizes to suit all the different kits on the market  to accurately and easily trim the blanks and tunes square and true to one another. Once all this is done the pen is turned and finished in your own unique style, then it’s on to the assembly with the press ensuring that all the parts go in true and square.

If you are purchasing any of our products and are unsure of anything or perhaps need a little advice, feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.


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